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Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 Commission – Part 5

Hello Friends, in this fifth and final installment i’m gonna present the way i painted the last models of the core box. While working on this set i was obviously free to decide the order of work but, to be honest, i followed the game progression: i started with the prologue survivors and finished with […]

Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 Commission – Part 2

Hello Friends, in this second part of the post dedicated to the KDM core set i’m gonna talk about some armor sets, the Screaming Antelope and its own Screaming Fur set. The stuff in the core box it’s a LOT; i perfectly remember the decisions and composition behind every set/quarry/nemesis, but sometimes i have difficulties […]

Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 Commission – Part 1

Hello Friends, i’d like to inaugurate this blog by showcasing a commission that meant a lot to me. Some time ago a customer contacted me for painting the whole core set from Kingdom Death Monster 1.5: he wanted all the miniatures painted at a high standard, especially the monsters where he wanted more of an […]