When approaching a new commission it is important for me to really understand what you want and thus give you the best possible experience. I take great pride and joy in bringing to life your projects!

Therefore i prefer to talk in advance about all the details in order to have a clear idea of your request.

To get a quote, simply fill the contact form below or drop me an email, remembering to add as many details as possibile, most importantly:

1- Who you are

It’s always nice to know who’s on the other end of the line. 🙂

2 – A detailed list of models

Especially important in case of army projects or large batch of miniatures. A list is essential in order to allow me understand in detail what you want painted and thus provide an accurate quote.

3 – Painting informations

Desired painting level, color scheme, use of special techniques like NMM or OSL, basing, and all optional services like conversions, assembly, etc

Don’t be afraid about writing a long message: add as much informations as you can.



To fit all needs and budgets, i offer 4 painting tiers from tabletop to collector quality. Here’s a description of each one:


A high tabletop level that fits very well for large-sized commissions.

It consists of a basecoat, a shadow and then 1-2 highlights to bring out the volumes.

Most of the colors are painted and the majority of details picked out, resulting in a clean and precise paintjob with affordable price/quality ratio.


I suggest this quality for heroes, characters and important models, but in truth it’s suitable for everything that you want painted at a higher quality.

At this tier more layers of shadows and highlights are painted and all details are picked out.Some techniques may be used to enhance the paintjob, like textures or weathering: generally speaking, the miniatures looks more defined and alive.


Display quality means a steep rise in precision, smoothness of blendings, positioning of lights and much more.

Complex techniques may be used extensively: for example Non Metallic Metal, OSL, etc If you want your model to really shine, go for this tier: good choices are generals, centerpiece heroes, or miniatures you’re fond of and plan to showcase in your cabinet.


Intended for bespoke, collector’s pieces, this painting level represents the best i can do and it’s the ultimate choice for very important miniatures that you envision at an exquisite quality.

Every model painted at this standard requires a lot of work and planning, and is priced individually on a case by case basis.

To get a free quote, simply fill the
contact form.



All prices i will quote will be comprehensive of a standard basing with sand/earth.

Complex basing will be quoted on a case by case basis: generally speaking, the more materials will go on the bases, the more it will cost.

Bases with added grass tufts will cost less than bases with tufts, snow, rocks, skull etc.

Special bases for display or higher models, where sceneries and vignettes are built from scratch, are a different matter and needs to be discussed in detail: it’s not unusual that these kind of projects take as much time to be crafted as the painting itself.

Again, the best way to approach the matter is to add all the possible details into the Contact Form.

Assembling miniatures is a crucial part of the job.

It needs to be done carefully in order to create a solid base to work on.

Mould lines must be removed, gaps filled, and resin models need a wash before being primered.

All these tasks takes away time, and that’s the reason i charge an assembly fee based on size and complexity of each model.

I have customers that prefer to send me  miniatures already assembled and that’s perfectly fine: for some models, however, i could require to receive them unassembled due to the needs of painting some pieces separately.



I don’t find practical having a fixed pricing table: given the huge difference that can occur from miniature to miniature (even among the same range and/or game system!) and the impact that some choices might place on the price, i prefer to consider every project as one-of-a-kind.

This way i can discuss it together with the customer and plan a tailored quote. It will usually require just exchanging a couple of mails.

Therefore i will provide below some general guidelines, so that you can start having an idea about my services.

  • prices for human sized infantry models painted at a good tabletop quality (“standard” tier) generally starts from 15€
  • prices for human sized single models/characters starts from 30€-35€
  • display quality for human sized miniatures starts at 200€
  • assembly for infantry will cost 1-2€ per model in most cases; all prices are inclusive of a simple basing with sand/earth
  • monsters, vehicles and all sorts of special miniatures are to be discussed individually: feel invited to contact me in order to receive detailed informations



If the models have to be purchased for the commission, the easiest solution is for you to buy and have them shipped to my address.

If this is not possible, i can do it on your behalf and buy them from the manufacturer or from an indipendent retailer: in this case funds for the purchase will be asked in full via a separate Paypal invoice prior to begin the work.



Once the commission has been discussed in detail and you’re ready to confirm it, i will send you all the final quote informations in PDF format to review.

When planning a project ahead of time (usually i am booked 1-2 months in advance) i ask a non-refundable deposit of 50-100€ to lock in the commission slot. This guarantees that an agreement has been reached between the two parts.

Once i actually start the work i ask an upfront payment of 30-50% of the total commission cost – depending on the project’s size – and the rest at completition.

For large and/or long-term projects my way to go is to split the price into installments.

Generally i accept payments via Paypal, Wise or bank transfer.

I think it’s important to communicate frequently with customers and i will do my best to keep you updated with pictures and informations about the ongoing status of the commission.

Once the project is completed and you’re happy with it, we can plan the shipping which will be calculated depending on your location and parcel’s size.

Please remember that all shipping expenses are always in charge of the customer.

I always pack and ship the models with the utmost care but, in the unlikely case some minor problem will occur due to postal handling, bad luck etc., i am happy to fix the damage for free as long as you send me back the miniatures.

For every other information you couldn’t find here, feel free to contact me.

I will be happy to talk about possible collaborations.



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