Daniel Simpson


Lorenzo is a pleasure to work with. I came to him with my first ever commission with no idea what to expect or how the process would work. He was very clear on all aspects of his process from the start, set deadlines which he kept to, provided updates when he said he would, and was open to comments and suggestions throughout. He works very hard to ensure the customer gets what they want. I wanted a distinct colour scheme, which Lorenzo helped me develop by offering to test different schemes and incorporate things I liked/remove things I didn’t, before beginning the work in earnest.

Overall, I am extremely happy, will be using him again very soon, and could not imagine using anyone else in the future.

Piero Baggio


A very talented artist, he did an excellent job: he was able to 100% fulfill my expectations and requirements on various Kingdom Death models in my opinion not easy to paint..

Cant’ wait to give him more commissions!
Strongly recommended!

Bradley Stevenson


Lorenzo has done a number of Warhammer Underworlds commissions for me, including the Beastgrave core set and the Wurmspat, and has been superb every time. His pricing is very reasonable, his communication is excellent, the models always reach you quickly and safely, and he always does an amazing paintjob whether you have a set colour scheme in mind or decide to take advantage of his eye for art. Never had a complaint and can’t wait to commission Lorenzo again!

Andreas N.


Lorenzo did an incredible paintjob on the miniatures (so good that the “savior 40years” of this commission was also in Kingdom Death newsletter-spotlight).The communication was great the whole time. I had some direction in mind what I would like to see on the miniatures and he managed to achieve these with ease.
In addition, he gave steady updates on every miniature with “wip” pictures and the next steps. I can highly recommend him if you are looking for someone with incredible painting skill and good project communication. Ohh and I have already placed my next commission at him.

Baker Odom

“Bored Online? Board Offline!” Youtube channel, USA

Just wanted to drop a note in here and brag on Lorenzo’s work!I sent him a Sunstalker as well as 4 survivors in Sunstalker armory and the product that he sent back is absolutely stunning.From what I understand he offers 4 different tiers of quality of work. Those 5 are painted at the starting “standard” tier so I can’t even imagine how amazing they would be at the highest “box art” tier.Thanks so much for your work, Lorenzo!!

Megan Schmidt


Lorenzo was a pleasure to work with. I entrusted him to paint several of my KDM collection, and he did a stellar job. Great communication, very knowledgeable, and fantastic skill no matter what level of painting you get! He worked well both when i had a set image in mind for a piece, and when he had a bit more free reign of being creative. My only regret is that he doesnt live closer to save on shipping 😉

Armando Ciccarelli


I had the most incredible luck to know Lorenzo when I received my first wave of miniatures from Kingdom Death’s kickstarter. I found a very humble guy, but don’t be fooled: he is a true grandmaster of his Art.
I had this specific idea to have my miniatures painted with great character, with hints of bright colors but still preserving the darker tone of the game. And he did just that, so perfectly, that I was shocked.
I showed the miniatures to all my nerd friends and people from Warhammer shops, and I will just say that everybody used “masterwork” to describe the job.
Lorenzo was also very forthcoming during all the process with suggestions, pictures and constant communication. I can’t wait to send him my second and third KD’s waves.
If you are fond of your miniatures and want them to be amazingly painted: do yourself a favor, just ask Lorenzo.