My name is Lorenzo Sasso, I am a miniature painter living in Piedmont, Italy.

The adventure in this wonderful world started in my teenage years when, for the very first time, i saw a picture of Warhammer on a magazine. I immediately fell in love with that colorful game full of strange miniatures.

At the beginning i was pretty bored with painting and more focused on the gaming side; soon, however, i discovered painting was more enjoyable for me.

After long hiatuses, at one point i discovered that this was not a hobby anymore, instead a real burning passion in my life.

I resolved to spend more and more time practicing and improving and, following recent events in my life, i decided to take the plunge and turn the passion into a job.

Recently i questioned myself:

Why do i love painting miniatures so much ?

I still can’t find a single, straight answer.

I could talk about the use of colors withouth restrictions, the joy in composing a base or a diorama and the magic of immersing yourself into this world made of fantasies.

But the most important fact is only this:

Painting miniatures makes me feel alive.

During the years, i’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of great people that inspired and motivated me: there’s a great community behind the scenes that put a lot of efforts in sharing this passion.

This homepage will serve as a hub where i will show my work, post articles and tutorials in the blog, and much more.

Do not hesitate to contact me on any questions you might have.

I hope you’ll enjoy your visit.